Taylor Davis

November 21 , 2003 - January 10, 2004

Curated by James Hull

Taylor Davis web site

Taylor Davis exhibits new, large scale, wood and plywood sculptures in her second solo exhibit at Green Street Gallery. Davis uses meticulously crafted box forms and a combination of transparency and reflection to bounce or dissolve the viewers gaze. The interaction of the wood and mirror extends the sculpture into the viewer's space and incorporates the viewer's position and, importantly, the viewer's body into the work. The choreography of these "simple" forms allows the utilitarian surfaces and functions to form complex geometries that unfold and produce elegant, moving compositions.

In the truncated, crate-like forms that support long slanted spans of fragile mirror, Taylor seems to shift entire planes of the room, tilting and tinting them orange or black or cropping the viewer in disconcerting ways. Air and light and the room flicker in and out of the work so that we are aware of our own exaggerated movement­ causing us to slow down and try to comprehend how we see what we see.

In all of Davis' work, sophisticated visual movement and perceptual shifts are guided by skilled manipulation of simple, beautiful materials: pine, walnut, plywood and mirror. Perfect joinery and immaculate surfaces reveal their conceptual underpinnings by the structure and arrangement of the forms themselves. Like the Constructivists and Minimalists before her, the intense physical and visual experiences generated in Davis's precise use of these modest materials invites the viewer to reexamine their relationship with everyday objects and forms; suggesting that the simplest structure can engage us in a conversation both personal and profound.

Taylor Davis was the winner of The 2001 ICA Artist's Prize, and was selected to exhibit her work in the 2004 Whitney Biennial at The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Davis teaches at MassArt and lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts.


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