Submission Guidelines


Please note: GREEN STREET GALLERY has Closed please do not send submissions

Submission Suggestions for Green Street Gallery proposals:

The Green Street Gallery is most interested in innovative approaches to both subject matter
and media. We want to create an environment that encourages experimentation and new
directions for artists that are established or emerging. We strive to exhibit the very best local and regional work.
Please understand why we want to exhibit Boston Artists in Boston! Too often any work from elsewhere gets priority over "Local" artists because of its novelty due to a change of context (ie: being Imported). We want to provide reasons for artists to stay in our community , instead of leaving in search of greener pastures - and more exhibition opportunities keeps artists here!

( we are NOT soliciting work from outside the Northeast )

The gallery also tries to exhibit work that has been overlooked by the existing gallery system
(read: it is too big or too hard to sell or not pretty enough or asks hard questions...) We feel
therefore that some very talented artists with good work may not be exhibited at Green Street
because they can take advantage of "mainstream" galleries and should show at more established
commercial venues. This makes room for the new or experimenting established artist to exhibit.

We lean toward artwork which is thoughtful, has more than a few levels of connection with the
viewer and pushes things a bit. Often work will have a conceptual element or challenge a norm of
representation. We also look at new techniques and media as well as three dimensional work.
Quality is first and foremost, we want to live up to the level of the artists already exhibited in both concept and crafting of a work.

So, as you can see, we have some guidelines but show a large stylistic range of work that we
believe meets all or many of these criteria. These criteria are for your assistance and are NOT
the structure of a pass / fail decision making mechanism at the gallery. We exhibit work that our 8
artist panel really likes and thinks is original, challenging and introduces new ideas or fresh approaches to old ideas.
-- James Hull, Founding Director /Curator

General Format of Submissions: (We want digital files!) The time and money it will save you to send or update your submission is reason enough, plus they are ready to use for invites and email promotion.

-email with attached images, or CD/ DVD (by mail) or Link to web site >> please include an email about which work is available and what YOU want US to look at on the site!
-image info list with information about size and medium and DATE (labeled to match name/images on DVD or CD)
-resume, CV or exhibition history, this can be short or long for you new artists, but should have a
good phone number and address, college or school where you studied if you went to art school,

Not Required but may be added
-Specific proposal for space ( If you have a specific idea, installation or other)
-Artistic statement, Statement of purpose etc.
And Thank You For Your Interest In Our Gallery!



 Telephone: (617) 522-0000, 141 Green Street, Boston, MA 02130