Joe Wood " Ero Blue"

enamel on copper, oxidized silver

Small Work

Hannah Burr - Painting

Megan Cronin - Sculpture

Dave Faust - Drawing

Liz Smith - Jewelry

Liz Sweibel - Sculpture/Installation

Joe Wood - Jewelry


Opening Reception: August 21, 8 - 10 pm

Gallery Talk: Friday August 28, 12 noon

Gallery Hours: T, W, Th > 6 - 9 pm, F and Sat > 11 - 2 pm

(617) 522 - 0000 Corner of Green and Amory Streets in Jamaica Plain

Exhibition Dates: August 21 - September 19, 1998


This exhibition draws work from artists who create impact through color, texture, subtlety and exquisite detail in many media. It is the small size that reinforces the connections between the curatorial selections of Donna Veverka in this exhibit. The intimacy created by the requirement of small scale works to be viewed one-on-one, up close, can be more emotionally effective than (the wow factor) of a huge volume or area. This exhibit importantly includes jewelry, an often overlooked sculptural realm, that pairs ornamentation with formal aesthetic concerns and has a long distinguished artistic history.

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