Real a digital installation
by Aaron Fry and Sally McLaughlin
August 17 - September 12, 2001
Closing Reception: Wednesday, Sept. 12, 6 - 9 pm

Installation video of REAL

Real Review by David Wildman of the Globe

REAL Aaron's Paper

The Gallery @ Green Street will become a multi-screen and digital installation visible from the street, park and walkways around the Green Street MBTA Station for four weeks, 24 hours a day. Shaped projection screens and a series of monitors will animate the entire Gallery @ Green Street with moving sequences of still images and text.

The images are stills pulled from videos shot around the world by this Boston / Australia / New Zealand based artist team of Aaron Fry and Sally McLaughlin. The large database of images from Spain, Hawaii, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, New England and other locations allows a different scenario to be on view each time a viewer encounters the installation. Broad category headings are displayed on monitors that define which image files are sequenced by a main computer and the juxtaposition of images and texts changes throughout the run of the installation.


" In contrast to the desire for self contained simulation that lies behind many virtual reality projects we are interested in activating references to rich constellations of practice. The consistency in the format and presentation of images achieved through digital processing facilitates the construction of relationships between the images. The viewer is encouraged read the coincident fragments as a whole.

"At the heart of the project is a database of images, a sampling of these categories includes terms such as, "nature" , "prosthesis" and "body", we have chosen terms that reveal something of the practices, often implicit, that are at play in the construction and interpretation of contemporary environments. Images and categories were chosen that had the potential to raise issues of mediation and authenticity. For this reason many of the images are from places that are heavily coded in particular 'natural' or ' artificial' ways. Through the juxtaposition of image with image and image with categories, shifts in understanding will occur. Assumptions about the "real" are brought into play." -- Aaron Fry / Sally McLaughlin

This exhibit is designed to be viewed from outside the gallery, through the wall sized windows and will run 24/7 through September 12.

Green Street would like to thank Mass Art for the equipment and technical support which helped make this project possible.

Special Thanks to:

Meg Young

Fred Wolflink

Antony Flackett

Hubert Hohn

Johanna Branson


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