Installations by Cameron Shaw

and Larimer Richards

June 1 - 30, 2001

Cameron Shaw installation video

Larimer Richards installation video

Two well known artists, Larimer Richards and Cameron Shaw, will create light installations at the Gallery @ Green Street for the month of June. While both artists are working with light, the individual installations push in opposite directions conceptually; Shaw objectifying light, giving it form and pictoral references and Richards using light "to mediate our perception of the image and the object." Both artists have used light bulbs symbolically and as objects in previous sculptural works. Their shared interest in light, this powerful material that illuminates sports arenas, advertisements and transports information can also effect our very understanding of objects and inspired new meditation.

Cameron Shaw, "Untitled Wall with Blooms", (detail left) 2001

144" x 120"

Cameron Shaw narrows his continuing investigation of the forces and illusions that influence perception to the fugitive material that visual art most relies on: the visible spectrum. Shaw takes a fresh look at the optical effects of color, reflection/refraction/diffraction that have long been the criteria for a scientific study of light. One of two new works the artist created for Green Street is a long horizontal light well inserted into the length of a 20 foot wall emanating a thick, fuzzy, stripe of red light. By keeping the light source hidden, the buzzing energy of the light becomes tangible, the physicality of light itself the focus, and not mere illumination. The color and orientation of this "Untitled light installation" creates nuanced references to both a landscape and the refraction of light that creates the colors seen in a sunset. In the other wall installation by Cameron Shaw, the illuminated bulb is revealed and a series of reflections duplicate the light and shape of the bulb transforming it into a flower burst of radial symmetry and color.

Larimer Richards, "Glassbottoms" 2001


Larimer Richards' new work "Glassbottoms" continues the artist's innovative use of photography, projection and video to investigate surface. By not picturing anything outside of itself the work creates "a quiet spectacle" for the viewer. Richards stacks several lightboxes on a wooden base overlapping and covering the wood and part of the light boxes with one another. Richards photographs what is hidden and mounts transparencies of what is under each light box on the light box - literally illuminating the underlying details. In re-layering and emphasizing what we cannot see but know is there, the artist points out our visual assumptions, while he toys with the alignment of objects and the slick advertisements that sell them. Using surrogate realities, Richards completes a perspectively fractured image of what is there, underneath it all, shifting the arrangement spatially and creating a direct comparison between photographs and reality.

In a separate video work, Richards explores cycles of addiction, using rolling images from two tabloid covers to confront our fascination with falls from stardom and the devastating effects added media attention puts on drug dependance. The "mug shot" images of Daryl Strawberry and Robert Downey Jr. face each other and roll vertically in a endless relationship that speeds up and slows down but never is under control.

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