Past Exhibits during 2001 at The Gallery @ Green Street

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Taylor Davis

Artist Talk with Taylor Davis

Untitled ( storage) (detail), 2001

Taylor Davis New Work 2001


Green Street presents our first Solo Artist, six week exhibition. This exhibit is the first of a series of longer more focused exhibits that Green Street will use to investigate the most innovative work being created in the region. After her selection by Green Street, Taylor was awarded the ICA Artist's prize. Her work will be exhibited at the ICA, Boston in 2002.

Taylor Davis: October 12 - November 24, 2001
150x150 " Mad Dash" 2001

Main Event: September 22nd @ High Noon!

Preview: September 18 - 21, exhibit continues through September 30


Video of 150 x 150 "Mad Dash" 2001, 2000, and 1999

150x150 List of Artists for 2001

Real a digital installation by Aaron Fry and Sally McLaughlin

that explores the matrix of associations between the images and categories in a moving database compliled by these international artists during their travels.

August 17 - September 12, 2001 ( unstaffed Exhibit on view 24/7)


The Gallery @ Green Street became a multi-screen and digital installation visible from the street, park and walkways around the Green Street MBTA Station for four weeks, 24 hours a day. Gallery doors were not open until the closing reception on Wednesday, September 12 from 6 - 9 pm.

Press Release for REAL a digital installation by Aaron Fry and Sally Mclaughlin

REAL Aaron's Paper

Completely Fabricated: Paul Meneses and Steve Novick

July 6 - August 11 ( opening reception: July 13)

Steve Novick, "Appliance I, II and III" (2001)

5"x 5" x 18"h, 8" x 8" x 6'h, 5"x 5" x 18"h


Press Release: Steve Novick and Paul Meneses

Paul Meneses Untitled (2001) fabricated mild steel

55" x 48" x 50"h

Installations by Cameron Shaw

and Larimer Richards

June 1 - 30, 2001

Press release for Cameron Shaw and Larimer Richards


April 21 - May 19, 2001 ( part of Boston Cyberarts Festival 2001)


en espanol - press release

Press Release for "Pressure" @ Green Street



Masako Kamiya, Michael Lee and Susan Nelson Rogers

March 16 - April 14, 2001

Opening Reception: Friday, March 16, 6 - 9 pm

Press Release for Kamiya, Lee and Rogers
Turnscope: a site specific, collaborative sculpture by Ellen Driscoll and Nick Tobier

February 2 - March 10 , 2001

QuickTime movie of Turnscope

This collaborative installation creates a "Turnscope" that rotates photo-based images taken by the artists on a walk in Jamaica Plain, MA. All the images were photographed by the artists at a one quarter mile radius around the Gallery @ Green Street. The work visually connects circles with ideas of circulation and the movement of viewers through the gallery, the station and the neighborhood. The movement of visitors through the "Turnscope's" turnstile ( the human powered, oversized, gear driven, "engine" ) moves images past a light source on the gallery's front wall.

Turnscope: Press release and additional images and reviews!

Hannah Barrett and Henry Samelson
December 20 - January 20, 2001

Press release for Hannah Barrett and Henry Samelson Dec. 20 - Jan. 20


Henry Samelson " Unnatural Act " (2000) gouache and latex on canvas 34 x 34"

Hannah Barrett " Laconia " (2000) oil on canvas 16 x 18"

More Past exhibits 1999

More Past exhibits at Green Street - 1998


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