Steve Novick

Several new sculptures by Steve Novick in his Studio

video walk by of Steve Novick sculpture

Novick uses an additive process combining disparate flanges, escutcheons and housings into a new hybrid of an ambiguous type. Novick creates sculptures which look familiar, perched on shelves and often at the scale that references an appliance, but with no cord or function ( in the hardware store sense of the word ). The artist substitutes smooth, rounded volumes, gleaming with visual clarity in the place of a handy kitchen use. The transformation from functional object to aesthetic object is convincing and builds upon the residue of a previous design style and purpose that the individual chrome, rubber, felt and brass elements effortlessly transcend as a whole.


Installation views: Completely Fabricated - Steve Novick

Steve Novick, "Appliance I, II and III" (2001)

5"x 5" x 18"h, 8" x 8" x 6'h, 5"x 5" x 18"h


Steve Novick's Studio in Somerville

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