Paul Meneses

Paul Meneses Untitled (2001) fabricated mild steel

55" x 48" x 50"h

video walk around Paul Meneses sculpture

Meneses welds plates of steel into massive rectilinear forms that are human scale and then implies that they can be manipulated by introducing a central, curved segment. A long horizontal slab is established with a narrowed neck which seems compressed until it has smoothly buckled downward. In another work this narrowed section bends into a half cylinder to allow the overall slab to fold in half. Once a viewer has established the similarities between the two works, which are identical except for their articulation at a central juncture, the transition between one and the other is effectively implied. The idea of bending or compressing these huge thick slabs seems, for a moment, quite possible.

Paul Meneses, Untitled (2001) fabricated steel

57" x 24" x 19"h


Paul Meneses, (R) "Untitled" (2001) fabricated steel 100" x 24" x 12"h



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