August 8 - September 4, 2000

Reception: Wednesday, August 30, 8 - 10 pm


"Inside / Out"

an un-manned exhibit of new work by:

John Corso Bridget Murphy

Meg Rotzel Ben Thompson

The Gallery @ Green Street will be exhibiting five videos, two dioramas and an interactive light installation INSIDE the gallery for the month of August. The exhibit will run continuously 24 / 7 and will be visible, audible and interactive from OUT side the gallery windows ( the gallery is not "open" until the reception). The exhibition features work by four emerging Boston artists.

John Corso

Untitled 2000 (video still) video loop, monitor



John Corso premieres two new works which respond to the gallery's location. One video illuminates the sudden isolation of a departure in a series of short, looping images of unidentifiable figures walking away from the out-of-focus lens of what appears to be a "peep hole". In a separate two monitor piece, Corso looks through a drawing on glass by Henry Samelson and uses camera movement to create undulating oscillations. The two related images go in and out of phase with each other and combine to create a mesmerizing effect that eludes recognition.

Bridget Murphy sharpens the focus and comes straight at the viewer with two mischievous works entitled "Push" and "Focus" that use the artist's breath to different ends, each of which provides witty insights into media itself. In "Focus" she fogs the lens and waits for the image to slowly return again before she fogs the lens again. The expressionless look she gives the camera expands and contradicts the references to sexy "soft focus" glamour shots and trendy blurred photography.


Meg Rotzel


"Wilderness...whos priveledge it is to see it" 2000 ( diorama)

mixed media and postcards

Meg Rotzel gives the passerby a "Postcard view" in two small dioramas mounted flush with the gallery's front windows. Quirky, fake materials like wood-grained contact paper and keyed up color drive home the underlying paradox of the artificiality of these "natural wonders".


Ben Thompson "Conversations on Scale"

(above)schematic of switches used in interactive light installation (Below), 2000

Ben Thompson engineers an irresistible button pushing light and shadow installation that encourages everyone to get in on the action. Thompson continues to design amazing contraptions that combine digital, analog, mechanics and artistry into sculpture that moves. We will show more of Thompson's work in next year's Boston Cyberarts Festival @ Green Street.

Reception: August 30, 8 - 10 pm