150 x 150 Fundraiser!


The 2005 Mad Dash! 150 works for $150 (each)

Preview: October 21 - Nov. 1

(during regular hours: Tues., Wed., 6- 9 pm Thurs. 2 - 9pm ,+ Friday & Sat. Noon to 5pm)

Mad Dash Event: Wednesday, Nov. 2, at 9:30pm

(The Dash is when you run for the art - it is first-come, first-serve!)

(exhibit remains on view and some pieces are still available for sale until Nov. 12 !)

The exhibit consists of work donated by artists - 150 works for only $150 - that give 100% of the money raised to help run Green Street's non-profit exhibition program which features spectacular regional artists.



Video of this year's 2005 Mad Dash!

Video of Other Mad Dashes

For the artists: if you have been asked to donate click here >> Go to drop off times

Note: Cash or checks only please.

It's a Race! The event is a first-come, First-served event that lets people line up before-hand and dash for the work they want to purchase for ONLY $150.00 (each). The goal is to pull the tag beside the work you want before someone else, and then go get another one...Those of you who don't want to race will find that there are PLENTY to choose from just moments after the dash is over and things calm down quickly ...but it is a one of a kind event...when were you last surrounded by a group of people that just got to purchase an artwork they loved for a fantastic price, lots of is electric.
The work remains up through November 12 and there is great work that can be purchased even after the date of the Mad Dash.

Please help our artist run organization make it to our 7th year!!
Thank you,
James Hull, Founding Director / Curator

Press Images / Large images of work in this year's 150x150

See the video and work from last year!

List of Generous, Attractive, Talented, Confirmed artists:( a few more are coming soon ) Updated 10/31/05

Steve Aishman
Ilona Anderson
Hannah Barrett
Susan Jane Belton
Steve Blacher
Stephanie Chubbuck
Morgan Cohen
Hannah Cole
Maggie Connors
Kathleen Connolly
Linda Cordner
Emil Corsillo
Lisa Costanzo
Megan Cronin
Meredith Cutler
Ruth Daniels
Nicole Deponte
Ellen Driscoll
Marty Epp
Laura Evans
Tory Fair
Christopher Faust
David Faust
Melissa Fenelli
Sheila Gallagher
Barbara Gallucci
Matthew Gamber
Dan Golden
Rebecca Gordon
Audrey Goldstein
Leah Giberson
Lina Maria Giraldo
Alexis Granwell
Julia Groos
John Guthrie
Nicholas Higbee
Heather Hobler-Keene
James Hull
Beth Ireland
Iro Designs / Peggy Russell
David Johnedis
Carol Johnson
Masako Kamiya
Janet Hansen Kawada
Danielle Krcmar
Brendan Killian
Matt Koestner
Joni Lane
Maryellen Latas
Fredrick Lee
Julie Levesque
Eric Lewandowski
Steve Locke
Shelly Loheed
Valerie Margolis
Heidi Marston
Denise Marika
Jane D. Marsching
Greg Mencoff
Michelle Mercaldo
Michael Mittelman
Sally Moore
Jennifer Moses
Andy Mowbray
Ellen Mullane
Cynthia Nartonis
Chris Nau
Caleb Sonik Neelon
Liz Nofziger
Steve Novick
Susan Nichter
Jeffery Perrott
Chris Plunkett
David Prifti
Gerri Rachins
Marc Raila
Murat Recevik
Ellen Rich
Isabel Riley
Cristi Rinklin
Gabrielle Rossmer
Laurie Savage
Alexander Scott
Susan Scott
Suzannah Sinclair
Jill Slosburg-Ackerman
Laurel Sparks
Nancy Murphy Spicer
Chuck Stigliano
Stephanie Mahan Stigliano
Sam Tan
Diane Teubner
Katherine Taylor
Bill Thompson
Hilary Tolan
Douglas Urbank
Donna Veverka
Joe Wardwell
Douglas Weathersby
Rachel Perry Welty
Deb Todd Wheeler
Elena Belle White
Heidi Whitman
John Williams


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